Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hiaitus Over...

Spent the weekend preparing a presentation on urban development in Ghana which I managed to finish on time and deliver on Monday. Follow up questions ensued at the conference today. It's now over and I have begun to review what has been going on in the world - with the G20 and elsewhere, including the torrent of news generated by Russia and President Obama's visit to Europe. Everyone else on this blog was also gone - our MENA contributor to Canada, another from Azerbaijan in Ukraine and the third in Central Asia figuring out US State Department forms.

So much for the excuses...we are back and I want to talk about the long, slow-motion train wreck of land tenure reform in Ghana coupled with the explosion of urban slums and why this is happening, Russian needs, dreams and demands and IMF lending practices.

If anyone noticed, by the way, the end of any independence movement in Chechnya died with the assassination of the last opposition leader in Dubai (the whereabouts of his brother is unknown - a circumstance he is likely to maintain).

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