Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lesotho Landing - Ukraine and the Death of Democracy

Finally I've arrived in Maseru and getting my briefings. Photo's of beautifull countryside follow soon.

As for Ukraine, the Kremlin poodle has changed the rules in the Rada and implemented an unconstitutional change permitting individual members to change their vote rather than, as constitutionally required, remain with their bloc. Yanukovych, the criminal fraud of 2004 and new president, has his own PM. The election process worked allowing someone to come to power who will change enough rules to model himself on Russia, China, Iran and Venezualy. Europe - on their knees to the Kremlin - applauds, stability over democracy has won again. Putin has his empire back.

Hopefully, the opposition and the Constitutional Court will come to the rescue. But I doubt it.

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