Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Begins

World Cup Stadium 2010, Cape Town, South Afric...Image by Hadassah28 via Flickr
The games begin…
Sitting here surrounded by South Africa, the celebratory atmosphere is palpable. And for good reason. South Africa has completed all its preparations, including construction, on-time. Months ago, BBC correspondents were openly questioning whether all the stadiums would be finished. They are. Hosting the World Cup is a big deal for Africa.

South Africa plays Mexico and the US plays England today in the opening matches. My money is on SA to win its game by a point. I’ve watched the US play Turkey and Australia in friendly’s and win both and they have a chance but can’t afford to make the same errors in the tournament because if they do, they will get crushed. For those who don’t know, the US is ranked 14th in the world. That ranking is not bad. Australia was 20th, so a win should have been easy, but it almost came off the wheels between minutes 70 and 85. England is an entirely other matter. Good luck to the US.

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