Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump's Foreign Policy and Standard & Poor's Conspiracy

Since I’ve been somewhat occupied, my postings have been few lately. Fortunately, as far as the foreign policy  mustings of the Donald Trumpster type, Dan Drezner writes so I don’t have to. The thundering idiocy of The Donald is so bad as to be comic. I hope he gets the Republican nomination if only to make Rove’s head explode.

Speaking of idiocy – will someone investigate if Standard & Poor's is being pressured/paid by the banks and Republicans to issue stupid comments like reducing the US rating because of the deficit in the US? S&P blew it completely in the lead-up to the 2008 crash by continuing to issue gold plated ratings to all the banks and hedge funds until the roof caved-in. They should be jailed for that.

Oh – one minor thing – the US cannot default on debt denominated in its own currency. Econ 101. Your welcome.

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