Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...and now a word from the racists in America

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From the Repig debates - the audience reaction - and yes, the flag is entirely appropriate for these people.

OK. Courtesy of Lawyers, Guns and Money:

Applause lines:
  • The uninsured should be left to die.
  • Uninsured parents should have daughters who die unnecessarily of cervical cancer.
  • A Fed Chairman who tries to fulfill his mandate by reducing unemployment is guilty of treason.
Boo lines:
  • Muslims are not collectively responsible for 9/11.
  • The children of illegal immigrants should not be denied the chance to go to college.
  • We should not pass an extraordinarily regressive tax cut.
Now, this blog seriously tries to avoid even mentioning the toxic  and galactically stupid atmosphere of contemporary American politics.  However, not only does the American media provide the microphone for stupid and dangerous people, they do so without any critique and without any sense of relevance. 

The tea party positions are simply neo-Nazi, mouthed by racist, hateful, ignorant red-neck stupid and uneducated animals.  They portray the worst elements of US society but are treated as if they are the same as anyone else. They are not. And if they continue on to power, the rest of the planet may need to do something about them.
In the meantime, for presidential candidates to pander to this mass of ignorance, attempting to be even more racist and dumber than their base, makes them little more than dangerous jokes.  And let's get this straight. People as hateful and stupid as Michele Bachman, big hair (and murderer of an innocent man) Perry or the astonishingly stupid Santorum, should never be considered remotely capable of being president.  These people even make Sarah look good - and that's really lowering the bar.
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