Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the Realm of the Galactically Stupid

There is a old phrase when confronted with jaw-dropping dumbness - "dumber than a bag of doorknobs". Breaking my rule about not commenting on US politics chiseled in granite only a few days ago, there is the story of a bill introduced in the Montana Wyoming state house which - among other things - in preparation for apocalypse or something similar, calls for the establishment of an army, navy, marines, air force, coinage system etc., etc., etc. Oh. Yes - and an aircraft carrier. Some of this costs money. It is probably better if you don't have the smallest (and dropping) populations in the country. You really need to read the whole article, here.

And - take a look at the map - where's the water for a carrier?    

UPDATE:  I stand corrected - not Montana, Wyoming.  Apologies to Montana.
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