Friday, February 1, 2013

Elliot Abrams - Glass House - Throwing Stones

Shorter Elliot Abrams (former Secretary of State) interviewed on BBC about Hillary Clinton – “she will be only remembered for flying around gathering frequent flyer miles and accomplishing nothing important.”
Why does anyone take this guy seriously?  It’s like the media constantly going to talk and get "experienced opinions" from big time loser and whiner in-chief John McCain as if he has any credibility on any subject.
Eliot Abrams – a short history:

1. Covered up US complicity in crimes committed in El Salvador for President Reagan.
2. Lied to Congress about Iran-Contra.
3. Disbarred for lying to Congress under oath.
4. Planned, with the help of Condi Rice and President Bush II a devastating civil war in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah resulting in a stronger Hamas and removal of Fatah.
5. Promoted an Israeli attack against Syria as part of Israel’s FUBAR war in Lebanon – luckily declined by Israel.
6. Bought and paid for by the Israeli Lobby in Washington.
7. Neo-conservative and advisor to wonder-boy Paul Ryan who is wrong about everything.
This  is the lying, disbarred lawyer and architect of the disastrous neo-con policies under Reagan and Bush II that virtually bankrupted the US, destroyed US credibility, made more enemies than friends and who want the US to bomb Iran and mount another stupid, illegal war in the Middle East.  We are supposed to listen to him about a Secretary of State who spent a full four years repairing the damage done by neo-con policies that also happen to support, without question, the apartheid government in Israel?

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