Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mouse in the House

I've just learned an important lesson. Don't leave the front door open at night in Dar es Salaam for more than a few seconds. A mouse slipped in and it took almost an hour to chase it out. Not a smart animal, but amazingly quick.

Conveniently, this allows an easy segue into the planned attendance by Senator Inhofe to the UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December.

Senator Inhofe is arguably the dumbest person in Congress, so his plan to tell the conference participants, many of whom are eminent scientists, that the US will not pass any legislation to deal with climate change is laughable. This is the deep thinker who famously announced a few years' back that there could not be global warming because Oklahoma had more snow in the month of March 2009 than ever in recorded history. Fortunately, participating to abate climate change, something the rest of the world actually knows to be true, will be supported by legislation in the majority of countries including the US.

More importantly, since no one with an IQ exceeding 80 will listen much less take seriously anything this mentally challenged politician says, is the concept that he and his "Truth Squad" are actively undermining the policy of the elected government of the US. Perhaps not treason, but actively undermining the policy of the government is a violation of the Logan Act. That's a felony.

The scope of this active effort to undermine the announced foreign policies of the US government is truly amazing. It includes visits to Israel, China and Honduras all for the explicit purpose of announcing to the world that policies of the US government are not substantive and, indeed, are shams. Again, perhaps not treason, but they are damn close to the line and certainly could be considered felonious actions. I am not aware of any other country where the opposition party actively works to undermine its stated foreign policy. It would not even be a brief thought in Great Britain. That's left to the "uniqueness" of America I suppose.

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