Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Israeli Loose Cannon

Daniel AyalonImage via Wikipedia

Summoning the ambassador of the major power and normally friendly neighbor and treating him like this is profoundly stupid. Too stoop to this type of childish behavior over a television show makes it even worse, if that is possible. Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon should be fired - or made ambassador to some suitable place - Vanuatu comes to mind - where he can't inflict any more damage in a region becoming more unstable by the day.

It might also be beneficial to remind Israel that aside from severe (and beginning to seem justifiable) criticism of Israel's attack in Gaza, Turkey has always worked closely with them. Alienating your last friend in the region - and the most powerful at that - is not a good plan of action. But then I think this is the worst possible government Israel has ever elected. You tend to reap what you sow. Perhaps you've heard of this, Danny?

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