Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Kyrgyz Republic - What Color Revolution

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The events in the Kyrgyz Republic this week have toppled the corrupt regime which toppled the former corrupt regime during the Tulip Revolution. Note to CNN – it is not alleged corruption. The corruption was real, systemic and widespread in all levels of the government. Calling it alleged merely gives cover to those who spawned the corruption.

I was completely surprised by the intensity of the demonstrations which turned very ugly, very quickly and haven’t collected all the information about it from some of my Kyrgyz friends who I know from my work there between 2006 and the end of 2008. When I get it, I’ll write about their impressions as to what finally triggered the overthrow of the regime, hopefully tomorrow.

A few questions need to be answered as well. What will be the effect on both Russia and the United States foreign policies in Kyrgyzstan and the region in general? How will the overthrow of the Kyrgyz government affect the unstable situation in its neighbour, Tajikistan? Will the new government actually be revolutionary and toss out the equally corrupt Parliament? What will be the colour or flower for this revolution?

More to come.

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MamaShift said...

One of the questions I have is who orchestrated this and why? (I know all about the poverty and corruption, etc. I also know people in poverty can be paid -- even in vodka -- to turn out at demonstrations)

Richard Shepard said...


That's something I'm trying to discover. As I mentioned, I did not get a hint of this from my contacts. As soon as I get more information I'll post it.