Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New US Overlords

Introducing the new overlords of foreign affairs in America:

My training is as an economist. I was in the PhD program in economics at Stanford until my research led me more towards moral theory and constitutional law, at which point I dropped the program and started working on my own. I was writing a book on republicanism (the system of liberty under law) for World Ahead Publishing when I discovered that the Flight 93 memorial was going to be a terrorist memorial mosque. World Ahead agreed to first publish my book about this rehijacking of Flight 93 (Crescent of Betrayal, temporarily available for free download at This is not my first venture into journalism. Over the years I have been a writer, opinions editor, and advisor for Stanford’s conservative campus newspaper The Stanford Review, and am currently on the Review’s board of directors.
Shorter version: I failed as a wannabe economist. I wanted to espouse moral theories and constitutional law, but since I’m a Republican, and a conservative one at that, didn’t believe in either. I have worked at nothing important because I couldn’t find anyone who would hire me. Oh. I wrote an un-publishable book which I now give away for free and continue as a wannabe journalist by advising a college newspaper.

Last week he wrote about his feelings shortly following the events of 9/11:

Five days later I finally got a flight to San Fran out of Logan. I scanned everyone in the boarding area looking for two things: hidden Muslim terrorists, and alert possible allies. As I boarded the plane, I scanned the face of every prime-age male, Muslim-looking and non-Muslim looking alike, for any sign of either fellow-spirit or hostility.

I noted where the three or four Arab or Indian looking men were seated. None had a hostile look. Half of the other men returned my own quietly inquiring gaze, looking long enough to let me know that they were asking the same thing I was: was I ready to act, should allies be needed?

No nods were necessary, as each of us received what we were looking for. All of us understood that this was now a national duty. It was up to the passengers to be vigilant, and be ready to work together to defend each other and the nation.

Now NPR has fired Juan Williams for expressing that exact same vigilance: a watchfulness towards Muslim passengers. Embrace your duty to your countrymen, and the moral trash at NPR will brand you a moral criminal.
This is an example of the intellect that is sweeping the US today and which will, with the election of his favourite uninformed, unaware and ignorant representatives, advise US foreign policy in the future. To say that there is a core of 25% - 35% of Americans who are dumber than a bag of hammers is an understatement at this point. Watch out world.

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