Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt Moves to the End Game - Despite Dick Morris

This is the possibly the stupidest piece of garbage written yet about Egypt and the revolution going on to unseat Mubarak.  To quote the government mouthpiece in Jerusalem - the Jerusalem Post - merely compounds the clear lack of understanding of what is happening in the Arab world and the bankruptcy of slavishly molding US foreign policy to whatever the regime in Israel wants. As for the "who lost China" analogy - it was stupid then and it is stupid now. Oh - Morris, the army has spoken and if you believe it is an arm of Iran, then you have lost some of your last brain cells.

Morris has been so wrong about so many things so often that, like Sarah, it is unbelievable that 1) he is still considered as a source for advice and 2) people pay him for that advice. But of course, I forgot that he is one of the Very Serious People.

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