Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Iranian Fleet is Coming! Run!

Without going into details, what is the hysteria over the two Iranian ships – described by the hyperventilating Iranian state media as a fleet - that passed through the Suez Canal into the Med on their way to Syria? The ever so subtle Liebermann of Israel is just about foaming at the mouth and given Israeli proclivities under this government to attack anything that moves in the Med if it is associated with governments it does not like, are we about to see an attack?

Let’s understand something. A floating garbage scow of an out-of-date frigate (1971) – the pathetic flagship of the Iranian Fleet – would have trouble threatening to do anything to anyone before it was summarily swatted into the waves by, say, a reasonably armed Greek fishing trawler.

The concern is, of course, the fleet supply ship – big enough to carry lots and lots of weapons. But really, just because of the presence of the two ships oil prices jumped when their route hit the presses? Why? They represent no threat whatsoever to anyone in the Med. The US alone has enough fire power on one destroyer in the 5th Fleet to turn the piece of junk Flag Ship of Iran into very small slivers of rapidly sinking steel should her captain be under the delusion that he was a credible threat and tried to do anything stupid.

Watch the supply ship. Forget the pride of the Iranian Navy.

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