Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trouble in Saudi Arabia

Protests in the Shia populated area of eastern Saudi Arabia - where most of the oil is - aimed at reforming the governing system to a constitutional monarchy may spread this Friday despite the handouts of money and jobs to the tune of $37 billion plus 15% increase in wages by the House of Saud and King Abdullah. Shia's make up about 10 - 15% of the population.

The government has and probably will increase the use of force.  After all, they recently told Bahrain that if the Shia revolt is not crushed by the current government, the Saudi's would do it for them.  What will happen on March 11 is anyone's guess.  However,  the House of Saudi's reactions to demands for reform in the past have been poor. Which is why the situation is now becoming serious and big financial gesures will not work.  They are not listening - it is not a matter of money. The whole system needs to change - availablility of jobs, quality healthcare, economic marginalization, and political reform.

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