Friday, May 27, 2011

Bibi Go Home - and Stay There

I'm into predictions lately - usually a big mistake for anyone, regardless (or perhaps because) of historical data backing up a prediction thereby invoking both a confirmation bias and selectively picking facts to fit ones own misconceptions.   Nevertheless, reading and listening to the clips of both Obama's speach on the Middle East and a solution to the Palestinian homeland issue, I can only conclude that Bibi will do anything to maintain the status quo.  He again has the arrogance to put himself on the same level as an American president, feels comfortable in lecturing and embarrasing the president of a one of the only countries to support Israel.  Bibi and his party must go - and should never be invited to the US again except, perhaps as a tourist.

In September Palestine will unilateraly declare itself a nation. There will be a flood of recognition - particulalry where it counts the most, Europe.  Bibi and his "greater Israel" party had better learn how to negotiate, give up stolen lands and make peace or get out of the way unless they want Israel to become a pariah.

The installation of the Netanyahu regime has been the worst possible outcome for Israel. They have provided neither peace nor security.  They have never let go of the dream of a greater Israel which is resulting in a borderless Israel doomed by demographics. If  this government continues to remain in power, then it's last friend will be in Washington - and that ever so tenuous because US interests are NOT Israels.

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