Friday, May 20, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn defended by Bernard Henri-Levy

OK.  This post is not about international affairs per se, but about Dominique Strauss-Kahn the former head of the IMF, or DSK since the world seems to have degenerated to abbreviations of everything (OBL comes immediately to mind – whatever).  I suspect that the widely reported French reaction to his arrest did not dig very far into the French population, but picked what passes today as an intellectual to get their superficial views.  Affairs are one thing. But, my feeling is that many in France find attempted rape and sexual assault by anyone to be repulsive.  They just weren’t asked.
Let’s get something straight. All too often the powerful and wealthy don’t get the same treatment that is inflicted on those less strategically placed. That applies in the US as well as France. It not have been news if the alleged assault and attempted rape of the maid in New York were perpetrated by a non-white. He would still be arrested, handcuffed and dumped in NYC jail system – if not Riker’s.  The networks would not have given the incident 30 seconds. So, the pure, unadulterated crap that the fake French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy let drip from his lips is – or should be – an embarrassment to the French.  But he has been embarrassing for some time now and a substantial sector in France thinks he is a philosophical genius.
BHL is a thundering bore, at times a moron and certainly a liar.  His writings are that of a simpleton’s thoughts wrapped in flowery and obscure language to make him sound more intellectual than a Parisian taxi driver but with less grounding in truth .  His reporting from Georgia during the Russian invasion, for example – flying in just in time for lunch – was an exercise in mendacity and fabrication. In a trip meant to visit Gori he reported he saw hundreds of Russian armoured and other military vehicles near the city when, in fact, there were 30; he saw Gori burning, when it was not. He was never in Gori.  When his vehicle was stopped on the second attempt to reach the city he described the roadblock as manned by Russians when, in fact, they were Georgian.  His trip and writings were a publicity stunt and did nothing to help the Georgians by, well, indulging in multiple lies.  But I guess that’s what pseudo philosophers do and it is only one example.
Now BHL is defending his friend, DSK who is charged with a serious crime.  But his defence is close to saying that “she had it coming” and that DSK is simply too important to be treated like a common criminal. OK.  So his argument is essentially that the rich  and powerful can do whatever they like and if they are caught and accused then we must treat them differently because  they are…above everyone else.  This is common, by the way, in France. He says that "nothing in the world can justify" Strauss-Kahn's treatment.  Really?  Seriously?  Nothing? Well, how about murder? Would that justify the treatment?  I guess the allegation of sexual assault is not bad enough – even though this is not the first time that DSK forced his attentions on a woman.  Perhaps if one of his previous victims in France had not been bullied by her mother not to go to the authorities, subsequent incidents with DSK would not have happened.
So, BHL – take your self-aggrandizing attempts at philosophy and stuff it.  You are a monumental fraud.

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