Friday, June 5, 2009

Reacting to Cairo in Tulsa

Despite the enormous temptation to do so, I rarely comment on what's reported in the American media - particularly when it include remarks made by the pitiful remains of what was once a national party and is now one of tired, old, racist white men from the South. However...and this will be quick...Senator Inhofe, arguably the dumbest person in the Senate in an unremarkably stupid speech...doesn't know "whose side he's on" when referring to his President. The fact that the speech was well received by everyone except extremists seems to be lost on the good Senator. But then, maybe not...

Anyway, the citizens of Oklahoma have elected this guy more than once, and they are not even embarrassed. Says something about Oklahoma. How many people have passports there, by the way. But then they need not visit a foreign country unless they accidentally wander north.

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